Patriots Vs Broncos Thoughts


Broncos D has to show up like they did the last week. Stop the run, at least get some kind of pressure on Brady, unless you want him to throw all over you. Harris is out so Brady will have a good to great game. Broncos have to shut down either the run or pass game. Ideally, both, but we know that won’t happen. The last thing the Broncos want is Brady destroying their secondary while Blount runs all over that D line (with no von miller). Broncos HAVE to keep Brady, and Blount from getting those 3rd downs that keep Manning off the field. It’s ok that they fell apart last week against Rivers, but this is Brady, he will massacre them if that happens this game.

Broncos offense needs to be hot throughout the game. Again, they aren’t the Chargers, Brady will out score you even if you have a big lead. We saw it happen in the regular season. Manning needs to get those 3rd downs. He did a great job last week. And most importantly. STOP DROPPING BALLS. Welker and Thomas made some embarrassing drops last week that cost them at least two touchdowns. This CANNOT happen with the Patriots, or else they won’t win this game. Moreno and Ball need to come through this Sunday. They did a fantastic job against the Chargers D and getting those first downs. They don’t need any huge runs, just the crucial first downs. They can easily take advantage of the Patriots 30th ranked Rushing Defense. And Peyton, no interceptions.

An important aspect of this game will be mile high stadium. Last week, they were roaring, and ready to punish Rivers. That crowd needs to show up again, and can prove to be useful against Brady. Take advantage of the Patriot’s 4-4 on the road record. Make it 4-5.

Final Thoughts: Blount WILL NOT run all over the Broncos. I think that they’ll keep him under 100. Ultimately, to no surprise, it’s gonna be down to Manning vs Brady. Fact of the matter is: Manning has more options. Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker. LOOK AT ALL THOSE PLAY MAKERS! There’s absolutely NO reason the Broncos shouldn’t win! Honestly, if the Broncos don’t win it this year, I don’t see them ever doing it.

42-45 Denver.


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