Texans Start Season 2-0… Again

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans

A year ago Texans fans rejoiced as they beat the divisional rival Titans. We were 2-0 and off to a, albeit pick-six filled, good start. Defense stepped up when they needed to, and offense did their best to keep up with our opponents. Little did we know what kind of pain and trauma was ahead of us. The Texans headed into Baltimore, hoping to get a win over the defending Super Bowl champs, who obviously were not the team they had been the previous year. To put it simply, we got kicked in the faces, punched in the gut, straight-up blown out. Thus beginning the 2-14 nightmare.

We would then go on and lose every game for the rest of the season. Losing games in the most gut wrenching of ways, like the Seahawks game, where we would go on to lose to the future Super Bowls champs in overtime. With the offense not being able to score in the second half, and Schaub continuing to be the pick-six machine that he was built into.

Teams that start 2-0 have a 60 plus percent chance of making the playoffs. And out of the 48 Super Bowls, 70.8 percent of the clubs involved started at least 2-0. So at the time, we knew we had issues to address, but we also knew we were Super Bowl contenders, so what transpired sent the entire fan base into an uproar. Some even burning the jerseys of our unreliable quarterback (who’s now been 86’d).

Flash-forward to 2014 and nothing has changed… record wise that is. Fresh off our win of the Oakland Raiders, we’re 2-0 for the fifth year in a row, only this time, there is something to smile about. Our offseason pickup, Ryan Fitzpatrick, hasn’t been stunning, but he’s doing what needs to be done, game managing. Having been an interception and sack machine in his previous years, it’s a nice change of pace for him. That of which you can thank our improved offensive line and running game. No injuries as of yet, and Arian is back to being, well, Arian. With his second consecutive hundred plus yard game, he’s poised for another big year. One we desperately need if we want to make a run for the playoffs.

The Texans’ defense has been another huge relief, improved and spending less time on the field, they’ve kept us in games, and pressure off of the offense’s back. Cushing is back to smash-mouth football, Swaggg is out there creating turnovers, and JJ Watt is… catching touchdowns? Our defense has looked very impressive, and yes, I know it’s been against two weak teams, but wins are wins. Once we get Clowney back, assuming he can stay healthy, I can’t see this defense anywhere but the top five. Like I said before the season began: If Fitzy can game manage, Arian can run the ball like he used to, and that defense can create turnovers for us, then this team is winning the AFC South. So far, it looks like that prediction could come true.

After today’s win over the Raiders, I kept it in my mind not to get too excited. I don’t believe that this team will collapse like they did last season, but I’d rather keep a level head, as it’s never a good thing to be cocky (cough cough, Seahawks fanboys). Next week we go to New York to take on the 0-2 Giants. I don’t care how poor they’ve looked, I want us to prepare like we’re going against the Seahawks and smash them into that New York turf, avoiding a repeat of last year’s tragedy.


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