Texans Start Season 2-0… Again

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans

A year ago Texans fans rejoiced as they beat the divisional rival Titans. We were 2-0 and off to a, albeit pick-six filled, good start. Defense stepped up when they needed to, and offense did their best to keep up with our opponents. Little did we know what kind of pain and trauma was ahead of us. The Texans headed into Baltimore, hoping to get a win over the defending Super Bowl champs, who obviously were not the team they had been the previous year. To put it simply, we got kicked in the faces, punched in the gut, straight-up blown out. Thus beginning the 2-14 nightmare. (more…)


Why The Houston Texans Need Johnny Football


After a tough loss to New England during the Divisional 2013 playoffs, the people of Houston expected nothing short of a Super Bowl run for the succeeding season. Little did they know, that the only thing coming was a train wreck. Schaub, a mediocre quarterback riding on the shoulders of a good running game and excellent defense, finally got exposed. It proved to be too much. Game after game, interception after interception, it was clear that Schaub was losing confidence, with the entire team to follow suit. ┬áThe loss against the Seahawks where Schaub was in position to close the game, yet threw a pick-six to Richard Sherman to ensure the Seahawks’ victory, was the turning point. The fans, and team knew that this season would not be like the previous two. With Arian Foster out and our defense deteriorating, this season was quickly out of reach. Although, Case Keenum did spark some excitement back up, he ultimately never won us a game. The Texans ended 2-14 and we knew change was coming. It did come, but it could be bigger. (more…)

Patriots Vs Broncos Thoughts


Broncos D has to show up like they did the last week. Stop the run, at least get some kind of pressure on Brady, unless you want him to throw all over you. Harris is out so Brady will have a good to great game. Broncos have to shut down either the run or pass game. Ideally, both, but we know that won’t happen. The last thing the Broncos want is Brady destroying their secondary while Blount runs all over that D line (with no von miller). Broncos HAVE to keep Brady, and Blount from getting those 3rd downs that keep Manning off the field. It’s ok that they fell apart last week against Rivers, but this is Brady, he will massacre them if that happens this game. (more…)